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Thread: can I use a spray to keep rabbit away from wires?

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    Default can I use a spray to keep rabbit away from wires?

    is there a reliable spray any of you use to spray wires or areas you don't want your rabbit to get into? or do I have to trunk my wires? trunking my wires would be very difficult because i have many aquariums and things. I want to eventually let my rabbit go throughout the whole house but for now i keep him just in the kitchen because i'm scared of him chewing on wires. I hope to trunk all the wires eventually but that won't be soon. so does anyone have any good tips on some sprays and things I can spary on them tho keep the rabbit away?

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    I havent got a house bunny sweetie, but i would imagine that the zip up casing is a good deterant to use to stop bunnies going near them.
    Bunnies also dont like vasaline, they dont like the feel of this on their whiskers, this is good to smear along wood etc, wouldnt reccomend this for wires though! but just maybe if your bun had a chew at the wood in your home.
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    pet behave spray is pongs like flyspray...but it works....

    other than that stuff and trunking i don't about wrapping tin foil round some wires...rabbits don't like that....just make sure you havn't got any exposed cables where you can see the copper wires inside, or you WILL be in for a shock !!!!!!!

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